Conversational Voice AI, Digital Solutions & Chat built for Financial Firms.

Use Finley AI to embed your business within your customers’ lives and take your growth and engagement to new heights.

Finley Ai Services

Bridging the gap between
Financial Services and AI.

We are experts in financial services and wealth management solutions. We specialise in the development of NLP and Machine Learning technology to offer innovation to financial companies. 

“Voice is the transformational new frontier in financial services”

PWC, ‘Harnessing the power of disruption’ (2019)

“Voice is the transformational new frontier in financial services”

PWC, ‘Harnessing the power of disruption’ (2019)

We know your financial firms needs.

Building the right solutions for you.

Finley AI is part of the FCA Advice Unit. Providing financial and wealth management firms with sophisticated, natural language conversational AI voice and chat assistants to engage, acquire and help grow their businesses.

  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence.
  • Reduced time-to-market.
  • Deep financial services domain expertise.
  • Hybrid Advisory model.
  • Omnichannel deployment and communication.
Set yourself a part from the rest.

Elevate your marketing and client acquisition by reaching new millennial prospective clients everywhere.

“Voice is the future of tomorrow.” Over the next decades baby boomers are set to pass trillions in wealth to their children.* This shift in generational wealth will bring big changes to how wealth managers engage their clients. “66 percent of children fire their parents’ financial advisor after they inherit **”  

Get the latest innovation and increase your firm’s potential reach and growth. Connect to new millennial clients more easily and embed your brand into their daily lives. *Accenture Report. **Financial Times Report.

Your Own Hybrid Advisory Model.

Digital Solutions & Video
Conferencing built for your firm.

Your Own Hybrid Advisory Model.

Digital Solutions & Video Conferencing built for your firm.

Take the early ‘mover’ advantage to separate your firm from the rest. Increase productivity, client engagement and time efficiency by implementing video technology.

Engage with your clients the 2020 way.

Extend your services and give instant access to your own ready-made client financial wellbeing programme.

Offer your clients access to our ready-made voice-powered Finley AI financial wellbeing programme, which is part of the FCA Advice Unit. Use our unique programme to extend your service and acquire new clients by showing your extensive care for financial inclusion and financial education.

The future is voice

“By 2023 it’s estimated there will be 8 billion digital voice assistants live on smartphones.”
Juniper Research, Digital Voice Assistant report (2019)

Our Service

We combine different technologies and methods to provide your firms individual voice, chatbot or platform solutions

Natural language processing

With the help of artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. Our voice assistants and chatbots are able to understand users and provide them with the appropriate answers to questions about your firm.

Omnichannel Experience

Our AI technology can be accessed across multi-channel content streams.
◦ Google Assistant
◦ Facebook Messenger
◦ Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Skype
◦ Websites, Apps.

Hybrid Advisory

Keep the 'human-interaction' alive through secure video conferencing. Build better relationships when engaging with high-net worth clients by providing them with time-efficient and convenient solutions.



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